Jillian Zepeda, is an artist whose creative journey was nurtured in the vibrant artistic community of Sisters, OR from a young age. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing, she embarked on a path that led her to pursue a BA in Film and Media at the University of California Irvine, with an emphasis in screenwriting and creative writing. Now based in Dallas, TX, Jillian believes that art is key to the happiness of the home, infusing her paintings with stories about relationships, crafted with the narrative expertise honed through her film degree. With her friendly demeanor and professional expertise, Jillian consistently enriches the lives of others through her creative pursuits, imbuing her work with a profound sense of emotion and nostalgia, evoking memories and stirring the depths of human experience.



The Other Art Fair,  Dallas, TX, May 2023 - Art Fair - Self Represented  

British Vogue, London, UK, November, December 2022, January 2023 - Print 

House and Garden, London, UK, November, December 2022, January 2023 - Print 

Galeria Azur, Brooklyn, NYC  September 2022 - Group Exhibition - Conversations Collection

The Other Art Fair, Dallas, TX, October 2021 - Art Fair - Self Represented

ITS Liquid, London, UK, September 2021 - Contemporary Show - Group Exhibition - "Tattle Tale" and "Spill the Beans" from Conversations Collection

FactorySix03 - Dallas, TX - Commission for Retail Space - September 2021

Emerging Art Scene, Dubai UAE, Date September 2021 - Group Exhibition - Conversations Collection

Galeria Azur, Madrid Spain, July 2021 - Group Exhibition - Lucid Framework Collection

The Holy Art, London UK, June 2021 - Group Exhibition - “Yada, Yada, Yada” from Conversations Collection

M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milan Italy, June 2021 - Group Exhibition - The Internal Recesses I

CANVAS Hotel, Dallas Texas, June 2021 - Group Exhibition, On-Going Representation, - Lucid Framework, Copper Tones, & Conversations Collection

Art San Diego, San Diego California, Oct. 2019 - Art Fair - Femme Bounty Collection

The Loft, Bend Oregon, Oct. 2018 - Solo Exhibition - Inward Exposure Collection



Email - contact@jillianzepeda.com